Understanding Sociology

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Understanding Sociology
Here are some of Sociology According Experts Understanding and Definition sosilogi Indonesia according to the experts figure out which contains various meanings

1. Understanding Sociology According Sumardjan Selo and Soelaeman Soemardi: Sociology is a social science that studies the social structure and social processes including social change.

2. Definition According to Emile Durkheim Sociology: Sociology is the science that studies social facts are facts or circumstances that contains how to act, how perpikir and how you feel about something.

3. Definition of Sociology in KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary): so · si · o · lo · gi knowledge or knowledge about the nature, behavior, and development of society; study of social structure, social processes and changes.

4. Understanding Sociology According Soejono Soekanto: sociology is a science that focuses on the social aspects of a general nature and trying to get the general patterns of community life.

5. According to Max Weber's definition of Sociology: Sociology is the science that seeks to understand social actions.

6. Understanding Sociology According Roucek and Warren: sociology is the study of the relationship between people in groups.

7. Understanding Sociology According to William F. Ogburn and F. Mayer Nimkopf: sociology is the scientific study of the social interaction and the results, the social organization.

8. Understanding Sociology According to JAA Von Dorn and CJ Lammers: sociology is the science of structures and processes that are stable society.

9. Understanding Sociology Sociology According to Paul B Horton is the science that focuses on the study of the life of the community groups and the products / results of the life of a particular group.

10. According to Auguste Comte Understanding Sociology: Sociology is A positive disciplines that study the trends in society based on rational thinking and scientific.

11. According to William Kornblum Understanding Sociology: sociology is a scientific effort to study society and social behavior and make the community members concerned in the various groups and conditions.

12. According to Allan Johnson, Understanding Sociology: Sociology is the study of life and behavior, particularly in relation to the social system and how the system affects people and how it applies to those who engage in it affects the system.

13. According to Pitirim Sorokin Understanding Sociology: Sociology is the study of relationships and mutual influence between the various kinds of social phenomena (eg economic symptoms, symptoms of family and moral symptoms), sociology is the study of relationships and mutual influence between social phenomena with a non symptoms -social, and the last, sociology is the study of the general features of all kinds of other social phenomena

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