Workers in the future

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Workers in the future
Workers in the future - How Workers In The Future. BY ( recent survey involving more than three thousand business owners revealed that future work does not require a place of business or office. More than half or exactly 57 percent of the companies surveyed plan to at least double the budget issued to employees online in 2013. Meanwhile, 82 percent believe in the next 10 years many companies will build a virtual team working online.

"These workers do not want to limit myself in work. And the trend of working from anywhere will be demands, "said co-founder and CEO of international Rat Race Rebellionand Michael Haaren.

Haaren adds that more companies streamline the work that workers do not need to come to the office. Some companies such as American Express, Amazon, United Health and Aetna are now realized by hiring more workers online will give you access to millions of potential prospective business partners. It also saves the cost of business premises and reduce turnover.

The idea of ​​working online it has raised some investors. Through the investment firm Revolution, AOL founder Steve Case supports startup Loosecubes in March according to the virtual worker. Meanwhile, the Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Howard Schultz of Starbucks are two big names that helped the General Assembly is a global network of co-working with an area 20ribu square feet in New York.

So virtual high-salaried workers can do the job of a couch or the local coffee shop for trends 'rolling workstations' an increase in the future. (msnbc.msn / * Future work is precisely not Need Office (MI/L-5)

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