14 Prohibition Google Adsense

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14 Prohibition Google Adsense
Google Adsense, advertisers used the program may only be placed on a website or website in Indonesia. I do not know since when that Google Adsense has been able to be installed / placed on website or website in Indonesia, especially Blogspot. I myself have long register with Google Adsense, since the blog was created. Of course, the hope after installing google adsense, can add "purse" aka financial income for my wallet. : D

But hope lived hope, as it turns out Google Adsense is only allowed when it is installed on a website / blog in English. But, who would have thought, was the rapid development of the Internet in Indonesia, Google finally decided to enroll in Indonesian to their Google Adsense program. So add vigor ya. But do not like it, because, still, Google Adsense implement policies or restrictions that must be adhered to.

Restrictions that must be adhered to Adsense publisher, are as follows:
  1. Prohibited click on your own adsense ads, or deliberately ask others to click on our adsense ads. Later it was called click fraud.
  2. Forbidden to have more than one adsense account. Actually one account is enough and can be used for multiple sites / blogs. Look at the setting google adsense especially when entering the channel.
  3. Adsense is prohibited to modify the script.
  4. Prohibited send adsense ads via email.
  5. Prohibited put information like "Please click on this ad and help a person" or "our sponsors" ... etc. in any language. Because I would assume that a click on an ad is not an original click. We may only member title like this: "SPONSOR LINK" or "ADVERTISEMENT" .
  6. Prohibited from placing adsense adjacent images / thumb images.
  7. Prohibited from placing adsense ads with text other than coloring and shape just like adsense.
  8. Prohibited from placing more than 3 adsense ad units and 3 link ads or 2 adsense search boxes on web pages.
  9. Allowed to open a new window when someone clicks on an ad.
  10. Prohibited information with CTR .... eCPM to others .. mainly through image ato prinscreen
  11. Prohibited put adsense on your website / blog porn, warez, mp3 download or illegal content
  12. Not overlap with other images adsense ads / popup and the like.
  13. Prohibited from placing adsense ads as popup / popunder and the like. Placing adsense ads only on the web page / blog.
  14. Avoid excessive advertising and keyword overload.

 Similarly, Google Adsense hopefully I succeeded. Hopefully useful.

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