3 Symptoms of Damage Due romantic relationship Gadgets

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YOU belong in the category of "gadget freak"? Using a gadget to many interests, such as labor affairs or daily communication, it can facilitate the activity. But be careful, a relationship could be threatened if you'd rather stick with favorite gadgets with him.

To prevent this, immediately take steps in case you begin to encounter the following symptoms.

1. Never be separated from the gadget
While on a romantic dinner, family fun even BBM's with friends or busy typing emails to co-workers? Sure it was annoying. This proves the assumption that the gadget is far and away closer to the close. The solution, if it is too engrossed scolds pair using gadgets while dating. In addition, you also need to do the same. Keep your phone or tablet computer in the bag-in off, if necessary - for a date place.

2. More gadgets than communicate through direct interaction
For couples in a long distance relationship aka "long distance relationship", it is very reasonable. But if you live within a not too far away, it was 'dangerous' if you rarely interact directly. Although routinely communicate via phone or text message, the physical communication remains to be done to strengthen the relationship. Try to schedule meetings at least once a week and for a special meeting.

3. More often than staring eyes staring at the monitor partner
You and your partner in the same room but preoccupied with their respective activities. You chat with the friends on your tablet, while he's busy playing a video game. Well, when "quality time" of his? Apply one hour each night without gadgets weeks to get closer to the couple. Use short but meaningful time to share stories about busy today, guts in the head, and whatever you feel. Chat relaxed while 'cuddling' will make the atmosphere more warm.

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