3 Ways to Detect Lies of Men

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3 Ways to Detect Lies of Men
Seduction tricky playboy who makes the women need to be a bit careful in finding out who the man was targeted. Still singles or have a girlfriend? How many ex-boyfriend? And, ahem, how many women he slept?

Pamela Meyer, author of the book Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception reveal the ingenuity of the men in hiding a secret. Meyer also proved that the men would do the following three methods to hide the facts that could make it be seen as a "womanizer."

1. Suddenly "deaf"
"How was your ex photo in your wallet?"
"Hmmm ... What?"
"Why did your ex-girlfriend photos are still on display in the wallet?"
"Sorry, can you repeat the question?"
"I told you ... Oh, never mind."

There's never been in this condition? When given a question that made him feel cornered, the playboy would ask his interlocutor to repeat questions several times. Not that he had ear disorder, he just wanted to buy time to search for the right answer. Yes, quite a few seconds in order to "ngeles"!

2. biting lips
No matter how you exasperated with sexy lips, if you look at it many times and played lip biting, you need to be suspicious. This is one of the codes that he was trying to lock his mouth shut so that no leaked confidential. Other code is that if the fingers are put in the mouth.

3. Searching for "shield"
We're nervous, he would reflexively look for objects that can cover herself. For example, hugging pillow, bag, or jacket as a serious chat. These objects are used as a shield symbol of a barrage of questions that can make a lie. If no objects of any kind, he would fold his hands on his chest as a symbol of openness rejected.

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