4 Reasons Men Singles Prefer to Stay

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4 Reasons Men Singles Prefer to StayHave you ever met a handsome man, well-established, and has a mature personality, but still unmarried?

Perhaps you will suspect why he did not also have a girlfriend. Does he have a lot of properties that are not known to others or perhaps ....

Hush, do not quickly take the conclusion, because who knows he has a reason as follows.

1. Want freedom

Having a partner is fun, but most men prefer to stay single in order to still be able to do what he wanted to do. Complete freedom in doing something to be desired, it would be hampered if it has a partner who often complain. First hobby, forced diet because obesity is often referred to by the boyfriend. Once a hobby watching football with my friends till late at night, is now being protested because couples often wander. These conditions make the men feel restrained and chose to remain alone.

2. Exploring new things

For many men, having a partner is a barrier to be able to taste the new challenges that have not been felt. Moreover, after marriage, men need to take responsibility as head of the family, making a living for his wife and children. Certainly there are many things they can not do, like climbing the Himalayas that took many days for the adrenaline lovers or buy a collection of action figures to spend the savings.

3. Looking for ladies suits fantasy

Every man has a dream figure of a woman in mind. The combination of plump body ala Julia Perez, exotic skins such as Farah Quinn, and face 'babyface' like Miranda Kerr, maybe too perfect to be real. But that challenge is what makes men more curious to realize his fantasies.

4. Fear can not fulfill responsibilities

Married tantamount to taking responsibility in the family that will be fostered. Especially if you already have children. Saving to buy a house, pay school fees, to saving for the future, should be considered carefully. Not to mention, a difference of opinion with the law.

For some men, duties as a husband is not easy and they do not want to be bothered by the list of responsibilities that must be met.

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