4 Ways to Remove weariness Through "Me Time"

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In theory, humans were created as social beings. However, everyone must take time to be alone. Occasionally withdraw from routine fatigue be a great time to recharge the energy starts to shrink. Too busy to take time for yourself ? 4 Try these tips to build "me time" quality.

1. Be aware of the limits of self-

You can not always do everything alone. Even a superhero also has its own weaknesses. Too ngoyo in pursuing a career targets - sober or not - to sacrifice the other things that are not less valuable, such as "quality time" with your child or a moment to pamper yourself.

So no keteteran, try stacking a list of your activities and make priorities. What is considered not too important or can be delegated to others, put it in the list below.

2. SOS!

Speaking of delegates, there is no harm in asking for the help of a co-worker to complete the task can still be represented. Make sure the task was also included in the job description colleagues who will be the "savior" to avoid misunderstandings. Before you made that accumulate stress with the task, immediately send a signal to ask for help!

3. Stay away from stress

Remember, if you are too tired, not just physically that will be affected. Concentration of the mind will be weakened due to stress. A time to take the time to pamper yourself to the thoughts not only about the job.

4. "Treatment" is also important!

Who says only the schedule of meetings that need to be included in the agenda? Facial care, spa, or massage should also be inserted into a personal agenda. If possible, create a regular schedule for facial and body treatments, at least 1-2 times a month.

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