5 Biggest Mistakes When Shopping

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Shopping
Hunt down the latest stuff feels good, but if not managed properly, can make shopping bag lust be conceded.

As a result, a sense of regret that 'crazy' shopping. In order for shopping activities do not generate a sense of regret, avoiding some of these big mistakes.

1. Do not bring a shopping list
Shopping list is not only important when shopping for the kitchen, shopping for clothes also need to be accompanied by a list of items that must be purchased. Prioritizing needs over wants. Buying items that are not so important just to boost spending.

2. tempted sale
Most people are easily tempted to buy items that are not needed with the reason "mumpung discount". Yet the money spent to buy the pretty you actually need.

3. Do not know the size of the body
When shopping for clothing and underwear, make sure you've memorized the measure used, especially if the store you visit does not have a dressing room so you have to guess it will fit or not in your body. Similarly, the shoes, make sure the size is just right in the leg. Buying items that are too large or too small will only make purchases end up in the closet and never worn.

4. Forgot your cupboard
Have you ever bought clothes when you already have it? To prevent this from happening, check carefully the contents of the closet before shopping. astkan you do not buy similar items for forgetting to ever buy it.

5. Shopping with a 'shopaholic'
Shopping with friends is good, especially if he is able to give the best advice on what to buy. But avoid shopping with friends who like to shop aka shopaholic, because you'll be compelled to buy a similar, though not required.

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