5 Body Language that Inhibit Career

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5 Body Language that Inhibit CareerBE careful with body language. Gestures in the workplace can affect judgment against your colleagues or superiors. Avoid the following 5 body language in order to keep your brilliant career.

1. eyes darting

Maintaining eye contact is very important when dealing with the speaker. When talking with your boss, co-workers, or clients, make sure your eyes are always focused on the other person. It is a sign that you really listen to and respect the other person. Darting eyes that made you like he does not concentrate and are not interested in what is being said.

2. scrunched darhi

Too often frowned a sign you are being worried about something or do not like the subject. This assessment occurred because the people who are thinking something negative will usually unconsciously frowning.

3. with arms akimbo

Although there are no specific purpose, such as the hips makes you look down upon others. Even though when you become a leader, hands on her hips into the body language is not good because it was considered demeaning the other person.

4. Crossed his arms across his chest

Just like the hips, arms crossed over his chest makes you look arrogant and 'bossy'. Body language also marks the one you shut yourself off from criticism and not open to the ongoing conversation.

5. wiggle feet

Legs shake when meeting or dealing with the speaker be a sign that you are bored and want everything done quickly. Although it seems trivial, try to avoid these gestures in front of co-workers, bosses, let alone clients.

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