7 Causes lazy to work

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7 Causes lazy to work
It would be nice if we could get through the day-to-day work happily. Unfortunately many people do not feel happy when diving job. Every time Monday came, misgivings began to emerge. The shadow will face routine up early, scrambling to catch the bus, bermacet-ria jammed on the road, dealing with employment, the grumpy boss, and all associated with the work, making the upset. Do all that you suffered at work?

Do not be left alone. Discomfort in the workplace must degera known and sought a solution. Why face the displeasure of working days may appear, there are some things that can be a trigger. What is it? Here are a few things that may be causing you to feel miserable every time I was in the office.

1. Conflict
Conflict in the workplace is sometimes unavoidable. Whether it involved competition, does not fit the character, was on the team that are not fun, office gossip, office politics is too strong, or there is just someone who is very annoying and not conducive working atmosphere. Situations like this are not convenient. But think again, do you want a career hampered simply because of the conflict - which is usually the problem trivial mouth - in the office? Quickly resolve your conflict.

2. His job was not challenging
There is a kind of job that only requires custom work and perseverance alone. There is no challenge, requiring no improvisation, and do not provoke the imagination and creativity. No wonder if you are easily bored. It is increasingly exacerbated by the lack kejelasaan career. Period yes, want to do it-that's it for life? Think again, and start looking for an opportunity to get another job more challenging.

3. Make a fatal mistake
Humans are not infallible. But if a mistake was we were doing, of course it was unpleasant. Especially if you make a fatal mistake regarding the job. One of a report, inadvertently eliminate money or office equipment, negligent work, and other things that will affect the imposition of sanctions.

If it happens, stress definitely over. Instead often haunted by a sense of guilt, to settle your problem. Admit it nothing wrong has been done, apologize, take responsibility, and promise not to repeat it again. Be knights. How honest was more soothing than to continue to keep the lie.

4. Tops sucks
Two things that can not be selected in the life of parents and superiors. Has your boss sucks like a poor man's destiny. Working under a boss nagging, demanding, does not respect people, bossy, grumpy, and not friendly at all and not the desired situation of the worker. Feelings of fear, stress, and certainly not comfortable working menghinggap. However, humans are born with the ability to adapt. Learn the nature of your boss, and start learning to minimize doing things he did not like so you avoid problems.

5. Salary not sufficient
How was one of the main objectives is to work for a living. Everyone wants to work and rewarded according to ability and responsibility to which it aspires. Appropriate salary would make someone work with a homey feeling. Conversely, those who received a salary by the number does not match the expectations and needs would be much complaining at work. Ask yourself, how worthy you get paid? If you feel your salary is too small, try talking to your boss. If it does not work, you have the option to find another job that can pay you deserve. But keep in mind, you should be honest with the ability that you have.

6. Not according to their interests
Having a passion or passion in working to make someone excited through the day-to-day work. The opposite occurs when a person is destined to undergo a job that does not match their interests and his love. Without passion, work will be routine, without any desire to exert all its potential. What if you can not get out of work that does not match their interests? Come on, you do not spend time seven days a week, 24 hours a day at the office, right? Take advantage of free time to channel the passion and commit self-actualization. If possible, do a double job. Make your hobby activities as a side job. If not, you can still have fun with your hobbies and passions as a pastime and leisure. Why not?

7. Idler
People who are lazy to work not caused any thing but himself a lazy work

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