7 Error Educating Children

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The biggest factor affecting the personality of the child is the family, especially parents When children begin adolescence adolescents at this phase began building defenses, try new things that they had never imagined before. In these days teens usually like to imitate other people they think are worth trying. In this role parents steer teens for fear of a negative current.

Sehendaknya parent family environment with a climate condition that is conducive to the formation of life teenage characters. In this environment there is a harmonious relationship of communication between parents and teens. However, many parents apply the pattern of education is wrong. 

Here are 7 Error Educating Children

1. Less Supervision

According to Professor Robert Billingham, Human Development and Family Studies - University of Indiana, "Kids are too many associate with the artificial environment outside the family, and it is a tragedy that should be considered by parents". Well now you know, how to work around this, for example, if your child is in day care or school, try to visit him regularly and unplanned. If your supervision is reduced, the solution is find another daycare. Do not let your child roam alone. Your child needs attention.

2. Failed Listening

According to psychologist Charles Fay, Ph.D. "Many parents are too tired to pay attention - children tend to ignore what they reveal", for example, Michael Jackson came home with a head injury, usually the parents and then immediately respond to it in excess, to guess the boy hit the ball, or a fight with his friend. In fact, parents do not know what happened to the children themselves who tell.

3. Rarely Meet Face

According to Billingham, parents should let children make mistakes, let children learn from mistakes so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Help children to solve their own problems, but do not take advantage for your benefit. Bantu children to realize that they made a mistake and will not repeat it again. Parents should not scold the child excessively because of an error

4. Too Excessive

According to Judy Haire, "many parents spend 100 miles per hour drying my hair, rather than spend one hour with their children". Children need time alone to feel boredom, because it would encourage children bring creativity to grow. Parents should not impose course schedules that are not interested in children. Children need to explore their own talents and interests dengam determine parental guidance.

5. Arguing In front of Children

According to psychiatrist Sara B. Miller, Ph.D., of the most influential destructive behavior is a "fight" in front of the child. When parents fight in front of their children, especially boys, then the result is a candidate who is not sensitive man who can not relate to a healthy woman. Parents should warm discussion between them, without the children around them. Naturally, if the parents disagree but try without anger. Do not create feelings of insecurity and fear in children.

6. Not Consistent

Children need to feel that their parents play. Do not let them beg and whine to be a powerful weapon to get what they want. Parents should be firm and authoritative in front of children.

7. Ignoring Conscience

According to Lisa Balch, mother of two children, "just do it according to your heart and let it flow without disregarding surrounding noises also debilitating. I learned a lot that parents should have a keen sense of something ". Parents sehendaknya have a caring attitude towards children either under normal conditions or when the child has a problem.

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