7 Hair Styles 2013

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Hair is one part of the body that can make you look attractive and charming. Diverse hair styles can make your personality show, even with a simple style. However, not all hairstyles you can apply, there are a number of considerations such as the shape of the face and the events you will attend.

Hairstyle can reflect who you are. Edgy style hairdo, pixie style, or natural flowing style could be interesting factor that makes you charming. Any hairstyle that you can apply? Here we go.

1. Loose

If you have long hair, try to let your hair loose. Long flowing hair can also indicate that your hair is healthy, clean, and in excellent condition. This simple hairstyle can draw attention and make you dazzle.

Treat your long hair by applying a serum while still bases after shampooing. Then dry it with a hair dryer. You can mencatok hair or let your hair naturally loose.

2.Blow Lenght

The hair is blow-look will be more interesting and organized. Hairstyle like this will accentuate your excess hair.

Treat your hair by applying a smoothing cream then drain. Comb hair from the innermost layer to the outside. You can also use your fingers to comb and maintain the neatness of your blow dryer.


Shaggy hairstyle will make an impression of your face sexier. You can add a styling cream that hairstyle more durable and luminous.


Pixie haircut symbolizes confidence and great courage. Pieces side bangs can make you look more attractive. Use wax to keep the pixie hairstyle more awake.

5. Pouf or bad girl bump

Hairstyle tied up (pouf) may produce the impression of glamor in every event. Neck and shoulder will be seen and it will certainly make you look stunning. To create a model of bad girl bump, make sure that your hair is in dry conditions.

6.Up do

Up do hairstyle is simple but elegant arrangement. Characteristic of this hair is the hair lifted up but still left some loose parts. How to make up do hairstyle is quite easy. Create kuciran low side and set aside some of the hair that is not tied around the face. Turn your ponytail and roll over his head.

7. Pigtail side

Such hairstyle suitable for all face shapes. Previously, apply a smoothing gel to get your hair wet and easy to set up.

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