7 Process Animations Shaun the Sheep

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Shaun The Sheep first appeared on television in 1995 in the film A Close Shave Wallace and Gromit character dog. Duration is only four minutes but made the crowd love it. And since then, Shaun has his own TV show on the BBC that was made by the Aardman production studio.

Here are  7 Process Animations Shaun the Sheep

1. Making Storytime

An episode began with a simple story idea. The idea was presented to the team scriptwiters to be made into a good story.

Then submitted to the storyboard artist to create a story linenya, this stage also helps set dressers, prop-makers, model-makers, riggers and cameramen to prepare and what shots are needed.

2. Preparation SceneThe grass on the farm purchased from a hobby center, painted green to get the right shades of grass, coupled with thatch grass and daisies.

Also deployed a small black blob to get the effect of sheep dung. The grass is then laid on top of perforated steel to get a good foundation. Animators can then use a magnet to keep the characters in place, and use the steel to put up the tree, farmhouse, barn and other parts of the set are still in place.

3. Modelling

Model-makers made the first sheep to make up the body, then wrapped them with white wool. Fur is then stained slightly and legs made of silicon ditambahakan. final head-off that can be mounted on the body fitted.

"We have a number of bodies, some have four legs, and some only two, depending on the scene," said Chris.

4. Propping Up

Property maker called to make everything from sheep-sized beach towel, for bath toy for Timmy, and even a table for magic scene.

Prop maker Helen Javes said: "Everything is manual, so it is very complicated. "Even the legs of the table are made manually to get the right shape." But the job is not without risk prop maker. Finger cut sharp knife, and burned from the heat of the glue is a risk of their daily work.

5. Expressions Eye

Eyes sheep have small holes so they can be manipulated to make them look left, right, up, down. Each animator also has dozens of special artificial eyelids - small pieces of plasticine purple dome-shaped which can be added to create a blinking sheep eyeballs, or look sleepy.

Because sheep do not talk, they use expressions to tell the story or provide comedic moments. "Merka eyelid animator is torture for the eyes".

6. Storage

When not in use, sheep and lamb cuts can be found stored on a shelf in the room at the Aardman studios.

It's here that the animators can find parts for Shaun feet, a little extra fur, or one or two sheep that was broken!

7. Comedy Slapstik

In spite of some bleating from Shaun and his friends, gongongan of Bitzer and grunts from the farmers, Shaun and the sheep is silent TV series. But while the sound Wallace Gromit have to keep the story going on in their films, Shaun did not have that luxury. "It's easier to lip-sync menganimasikannya because is one of the most time-consuming aspect for animators," says Chris.

Patient and Thorough

The characters in Shaun and the sheep moved 25 times per second, the animators had to rearrange the scene 1,500 times just one minute of footage. They average finish seven seconds recording / day. does not seem much, but when compared to the Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run, their work at breakneck speed.

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