7 Signs of Severe Stress

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7 Signs of Severe Stress
Each person would have problems in life, whether it was mild or severe problems. You know, sometimes quite difficult problem to be solved to make your chaotic, confused, or depressed that interfere with your activities. Not only that, sometimes a problem makes us ignore our basic needs such as eating, drinking, and istirarahat. Surely you know the devastating impact that is felt when we ignore the health of the sick. Stress deserve our attention seriously.

Basically stress marks can be seen easily. Stress is tension or mental and emotional disturbances caused by external factors, such as the amount of work piling up, family problems, or even because of the breakup. Stress can be overcome with relaxation, could be a fun vacation or joking with family and friends. Since when has reached chronic levels of stress then you will be easily infected by the virus and the disease is all around us. Well, actually stress is also dangerous to the health of our bodies.

Well, for those of you who have a busy work (career) intensive course you have to be careful with the threat of stress. Stress can hit you if you can not condition the heart and emotional well and wisely. Meanwhile, for those of you who have family problems should be solved with an oversized heart and do not think berat.Nah for those of you who have problems in love, do not think it is the end of everything, rest assured that the future will be beautiful in its time. Any problems encountered is certainly no solution as long as you have good emotional balance.

Here are 7 signs of severe stress that you should know:

1. The first sign of stress are headaches and back pain

When a person is experiencing high levels of stress / weight, one of the conditions that can be seen and used as a benchmark is the presence of headache and backache. Have you experienced this? So what are the reasons why stress can lead to this condition? the reason is that when someone experiencing severe stress, basically unconsciously stress conditions resulted muscles experience a tension / tightening. With the condition of the muscle tightens, it will usually result in soreness, pain or pain in the back. Then, why stress can cause headaches? This is the reason, that when the mind is in a state of constant stress, it will cause a strain that can cause and trigger a headache.

2. The second sign of severe stress is constantly cold and hard to heal

Have you ever been or are experiencing a cold sore that does not heal and it last long? hmm, maybe you really were in a state of stress. Why is that? what is the reason? so this way, when a person in a state of stress, the stress will suppress immune function. If immune function is decreased, resulting in the body will easily develop infections. One example is a cold that does not heal them. Now you better understand it? okay, we continued to stress that third mark.

3. The third sign of severe stress is Acne

Have you ever had acne? we are sure almost everyone has experienced. So what causes it? one of the causes of acne is stress factor. You may ask? what stress correlation with acne? This is why, when a person experiences stress, the stress will make the body to release androgen into the blood. If you do not understand what that androgens, this explanation of the term androgen which we quoted from wikipedia: "Androgens, androgenic hormone or testoid, is a generic term for naturally occurring compounds or synthetic. Androgens are steroid hormones that stimulates or controls the development and maintenance of male characteristics vertebrates by binding to androgen receptor activity is also a supporter of the growth of the male sex organs and secondary sex characteristics of men. " (Source: wikipedia). Androgen hormones will increase sebum levels in the body which can lead to blockage of the pores and can cause acne. Apart from these three signs of stress, for those of you women who often / always had acne problems when future months (period) to come, maybe you can read this article: tips to remove acne during menstruation. Hope can help ya.

4. The fourth sign of stress is difficult to sleep

Stress factor is a major problem or the root cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Anxiety and stress are already known by everyone as the main cause why the person is having trouble falling asleep. How about you? Do you also experience this? hmm, if you answered yes, maybe you are being affected by stress.

5. The fifth sign of severe stress is itchy skin and rashes

Maybe between you are experiencing problems and itchy skin rash that has lasted a long time and does not go away, if it does happen to you, maybe you are experiencing severe stress. How stress can lead to itching and rashes? here's the answer, stress can activate the skin's immune system, so it will respond with inflammation that can cause chronic itching. Well, it's obvious right? With this, the basic evidence that stress can indeed make a skin rash and worsen disorders such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

6. The sixth sign of stress is rattling teeth during sleep

Maybe you've heard of a friend or relative or anyone grinding teeth during sleep. Well, this is also one of the signs of severe stress. As a result of these teeth rattling, will lead to the erosion of enamel and can cause the breakdown of tooth fillings. In addition, the rattling teeth can also cause soreness in the mouth or jaw pain.

7. The seventh sign of severe stress is sensitive gums

You need to know, that in fact stress can cause sensitive gums. This is supported by the results of research / studies published in the Journal of Periodontology that states that stress will cause the body unable to fight off the bad bacteria that settle in the gums. With conditions like this, it will cause inflammation, pain, and bleeding, which in turn will make oral hygiene a bad / worse. What about your gums?


1. The eighth sign of stress is hair loss and twitching in the eye

Almost everyone already knows that someone whose hair loss is most likely caused by stress. Yes, it is true, that stress can trigger hair loss. How is the explanation? This is why, when physical or emotional stress hit, it will drive most hairs to enter the resting phase. In the months ahead, these hairs will fall out when you're shampooing or Oon when combed. Then to twitch in the eye, it is the chance of many who do not know that eye twitch to do with stress. When a person is under stress, the eyelids will begin to twitch. Well, hopefully you become more understand after reading this.

2. The ninth sign of stress is difficult to think clearly

Have you ever seen someone who speaks does not connect and digress and looks restless and unfocused / difficulty concentrating? Could be, that person was hit by severe stress. Because, when a person is under stress then he will be hard to concentrate and focus on whatever he would say and whatever he would do. This condition will cause the person can not think clearly and rationally.

3. The tenth sign of severe stress is pain or stomach upset

Apparently stress is nothing to do with pain or disturbance in the stomach. Because, when stress strikes, the intestinal lining will be very sensitive to negative in the secretion of hormones by the body. Now, with this condition, it will trigger a lot of permaslahan digestion. Among them are abdominal pain, heartburn, cramps or diarrhea associated with chronic stress / stress.

Now that is some sign of stress you hit it. Still associated with stress, you may also be interested in reading this, self-massage tips to reduce stress. Hopefully what we present on this occasion useful to you. Avoid stress, let Budayakan always healthy lifestyle.

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