7 Template Very Good From Maskolis

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Who is familiar with this website, famous for its ideas and creativity in making the template, such as my template, it is interesting not .., I got it from many interesting templates maskolis, but there are 7 templates really interesting from the others in my opinion. If you are curious liha it directly.

7 Template Very Good From Maskolis

1. Cara Gampang Template

7 Template Very Good From Maskolis
This template is a modification of an extraordinary, exciting features and widgets that do not display weight make it particularly suitable template for your blog.

2. Johny Ganteng Store With Cart

Do not ask again the uniqueness of this template, templates Seo addition, the use of widgets and attractive slider, making these templates are also much-loved.

3. Johny Kenthir Green

Well, this is my preferred template, but the template on my blog there are some things that I modified it a bit, but still, these templates are the most interesting for me, fun and beautiful light. 


4. Johny Crottmag

If the Hearing his name creeps also yes, but if you enjoy this template to decorate your blog, you will not regret it, in fact creative idea has been created almost simultaneously with the order preparation system templates (Oops complicated once my words). enjoy it anyway.

5. Photored Template

I do not understand well about this template, but if from the description and drawings of the original website, this template suitable for blogs with the theme of photographers, it could be a blog or a blog with a theme desaign model.

6. Johny Genit

According to the makers of this template is maskolis, this template right digunaka for women bloggers, this is because it looks feminine desaign shades are preferred by women.

7. Johny Jijay, Simple Template Blogger Gallery Movie

This template is very attractive and appropriate for the blog once dengantema Movie or Film, desaignnya had been set for it, so do not be afraid if your blog is up, because maskolis has given an interesting modification for your blog. 

Thus 7 Template Very Good From Maskolis Version of My Article. much more interesting than maskolis template, if you want another template, please just go directly to their website at

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