7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned

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7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned
Adsense is a PPC program was in the interest of many people. Not only in Indonesia as a promising exchange of money, but in other countries too adsense is a tremendous moneymaker. Very reasonable if the adsense to be one of the business in a business that gives a great advantage, because now Google adsense and owner of a number one search engine in the world.

Fortunately for those of you who have become one adsense publisher, for you during this struggle is not in vain, in addition to being a writer that is always on, you can also get the results from your writing that validation of Adsense clicks you have.

However, as we know that adsense has very strict rules, many of which have been banned adsense publisher for the mistakes they make. From the above, it is necessary to tell my 7 Tips to Avoid Banned Adsense I explained according to sources I've read and my experience.

Here are 7 Tips to Avoid Adsense Banned

1. Pray to God

Why is prayer to be number one so that you will not be banned adsense? This is because prayer is a request to God Almighty. Everything if God wills, who can prevent, so when we pray that we remain safe as adsense publisher, of course, with a strong belief in and efforts to keep our adsense, hopefully God always give the best for us. Therefore, do not forget to always pray and thank Him.

2. Do not Ever Click Advertising

Remind yourself to always maintain and try not to do either clicking on your own ads or advertisements of others associated with adsense. This I say because we have a adsense publisher. The logic is that you are assigned to a publisher adsense with the provisions of display ads provided by Adsense, then the ad will be viewed visitors, so if there are visitors who are interested, they will click on an ad before, this is where your income.

Well, if you were to click, of course, your desire is to earn money, not to buy products from the ads from Adsense, obviously you will be banned. This is due to loss of the advertisers, because the advertiser is charged when someone clicks from their ad did. If we were to click, click on any course in 100 we will not buy their products.

The point is that there is cooperation between the Adsense advertisers, advertisers hope that the products they sell buy people, then the sellers are looking for adsense publisher, if the publisher is now a click, would logically not wish to buy but rather to want to get money from the click, if this happens, it is natural to be banned.

3. Discipline

Discipline is what I mean here is that we are in meeting regulatory compliance adsense. Google adsense has provided information to us about the rules that we must obey, such as do not click on your own ads, do not load the content sara, parnografi, gambling and more.

The next discipline is a natural visitor who visits your blog or website, as many are doing automated visitors who come, but the visitors are coming from or backlink software that is not good. The logic is that the adsense who have given their trust to us as a publisher to get the visitor experience, meaning our blog visitors are real people not machines. Obviously if people would buy products from advertisers adsense, but if visitors machine, if the machine can purchase?

4. Doing Good

Doing good is no jealousy, envy and more. Since we can not avoid that many people are jealous and do not like seeing people who are in success. For those who do so because they do not get success, then when they see your blog or website with good traffic and then there are adsense ads, of course there is resentment or jealousy. When they do not like, they will perform a variety of ways for us to be a failure, well, .. if the blog or website, they would seek to destroy our blog, it could be a way to break into our blog, click repeatedly doing so blog we got banned because of click fraud, viruses and other insert.

Well, .. To avoid this, then look at ourselves first, if we include such a person? If so, fix it. Because the law of cause and effect, then when a person both would be good to us, but if we are evil, of course people will be nasty to us. Good people will always be happy with the success, even he would pray for him to be even better, but for people who have bad intentions, of course, is his attempt to destroy the person he hated it.

5. Sincere and sincere

Is sincere intentions and related iklas adsense banned? Logically, but in essence it is, why? Try to think back, when we post our articles with the aim of helping people, giving something useful to them, of course we have written the article properly. Is there a good article when it comes to gambling, parnografi, the element sara, intimidating people and others, while it is prohibited by state law and religious law.

When we are good intentions coupled with sincerity in providing a useful article for those who read, that reading would be like and love, obviously their prayers to us is a good prayer, and prayer can also be related to adsense that are not banned, and certainly without asked to click your ad, they will click on your adsense ads us. Maybe it comes from deliberate or inadvertent them. There could be a nice boost as well as the return of the sincere and heartfelt intention of us when we give something useful for them.

6. Money Halal and blessings

What does it mean from a Halal money and blessing? The point is that we should think adsense lawful blessings. How to get it is to be patient and not cheating. Common practice of a publisher adsense so they are banned by linking web link or URL address, then to when a visitor to click on the URL, the address shown is not in question, but that appears is the address of the adsense ads that have been changed. There was also an undercover between URL content with adsense ad URLs, obviously the goal is to fool the visitors.

From the above we can conclude that when we commit fraud as above, if visitors know obviously they would be angry for not liking them, then we might get the money from those clicks, but if the money is halal and blessings? And we know, including criminal fraud because harm someone. Therefore, just wait. If fortune us a lot, trejeki certainly will not be far from us.

7. Maintenance Adsense well

Keep your adsense properly with supervision. Look at the things that are suspicious of the adsense account and email your adsense account. Sometimes people try to ruin your adsense, to avoid this is to exercise authority khusu blog you have, use monitoring comments to prevent comment spam, because spam comments could be one reason your account banned, nor do subsequent maintenance.

Maybe it's just tips from me, we never know the development of adsense on rules they have set on, because every year adsense continue to increase alertness in anticipation of fraud committed some adsense publisher.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article !

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