7 Tips To Avoid Criminal Action When Alone

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7 Tips To Avoid Criminal Action When Alone
Traveling alone, especially if you're a woman, it would feel creepy if you do not know the condition of the location and the destination. Is the place safe or even the site of rampant crime? To be more safe and comfortable traveling alone, try to follow some of these tips.

1. Find out the location of destination

If you have never visited the destination before, you'll want to find out. Gather as much information, from the internet to the people who have ever visited. If you hear a lot of criminal cases in that location, you should know exactly which areas the most vulnerable areas.

2. Verify that the vehicle is stable

Before traveling, check the condition of the vehicle. A driver who had a flat tire or a strike on the way to becoming an easy target for criminals. A number of criminal modes occur in such a situation, such as pretending to help fix the vehicle when taking stuff in the car or even get a vehicle belonging to the victim.

3. Give tidings to the nearest

Avoid anyone go unnoticed. Tell the people closest to each time you travel to a place, either alone or in a gang. Tell friends, family, or friends where you will be traveling. When things happen that are not desirable and you do not get home or reach the destination, they will be suspicious and report to the authorities.

4. Aware of the conditions around

After parking the vehicle, avoid leaving valuables in the vehicle. Remember the park position, because the criminals are also targeting people who looked confused in the parking lot, especially if the condition when it was quiet. Always make sure you are standing in a spacious and not cramped, so the body can freely move or escape when caught in an emergency. Avoid talking on the phone in a quiet place or while walking, because it can reduce the level of alertness. If you must take a call, see the conditions around, then paused after making sure there was not anything suspicious.

5. Martial

Arm yourself with the martial arts that can save you from dangerous conditions. Learn self-defense techniques that utilize simple objects around you. Yes, simple objects such as mobile phones, high heels, lipstick and even can be used as a weapon if you are observant.

6. Be alert while riding in a taxi

Violent crime can occur anywhere, including in the cab. Often the taxi driver in cahoots with criminal syndicates to trap passengers. To avoid this, always note the number and identity of the driver's door. If necessary, specify the number and identity of the driver's door on BBM status or tweet so that when things happen that are not desirable, many people who know the identity of the driver concerned.

7. Avoid giving personal information to strangers

Be careful talking to strangers. Giving too personal information, such as your home address, names of family members or place of work can be an asset for criminals to ensnare you and your loved ones. Always be alert, because there are criminals everywhere.

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