7 Tips to Make Being Hobbies Profession

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7 Tips to Make Being Hobbies Profession
WORK is best to work from the field that you love so arises a sense of comfort in living. Undergo a job that matches your interests will create focus and total work. Turn a hobby into a profession, why not? Juggle hobby into a business is a strategic land in recruiting purse money. You can also try it with these simple steps.

1. Did you enjoy it?
The first question before the turn a hobby into a profession is to convince yourself that you really enjoy. Do not let you back in the middle of the road because of boredom or feeling forced. If you are patient and able to enjoy the business is doing, long enough to make a profit would not be felt.

2. Market Survey
Check the condition of the market in lines of business that will you live, whether profit is promising? Are competitors you face enough? Holding a small market survey to prepare your capital in what is needed to manage the business.

3. Setting the price
Observed prices in the market are also part of the survey that you should live. Make sure the price in accordance with the capital and the degree of difficulty in doing it.

4. Part-time
To try out your new business success, try to live as a part-time job. Especially for those who already have a steady job. Do not always consumed dreams by taking off work to focus on the main business. Start with part-time and if successful, you can choose to focus or stay on the original activity.

5. Marketing
Begin with the market in the immediate environment, such as a friend or relative. When business is growing, you can try other methods such as opening a store or online business.

6. Friends with a hobby
Open a business with my friends who had the same hobby, why not? Like for example the business studio with her equally boutique photography hobby or business with fellow fashionista. In addition to more easily get fresh ideas, business capital can be shared.

7. do it to work for Hobbies
In order for our work more interesting and smoothly, so make the work as a hobby, like me who like to write, then I do it on the blog, so when I became a blogger, then the hobby I've got a job and make money

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