7 Ways Google Adsense Detect Invalid Clicks

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7 Ways Google Adsense Detect Invalid ClicksStill thinking to cheat Google Adsense? Stop it. You might be able to do it on other PPC sites, but not on Google. Instead of scaring, but I do have a super-sophisticated security.

Not only supervise members Adsense, Google could be watching all the people in the corners of the earth. Remember Google Earth? Actually, how the heck does Google Adsense detects invalid clicks? Google does not explicitly explain to the public. Perhaps because of these secrets.

Here are 7 Ways Google Adsense Detect Invalid Clicks

1 IP Address

This is most easily detected. If the click occurs over and over again from the same IP Adress, you can bet it is not valid. Avoid applying to Google Adsense from public internet services such as office, cafe etc..

2 Cookies

Most internet users have a dynamic IP address. That is, if they disconnect and then connect again, it will connect to the internet with the new IP address. But do not forget Google has set cookies on your computer.

3 Other services

Almost all of the features of Google's integrated and interconnected to each other. Feel safe because they never open Adsense account? Wait a minute. Do not forget they have more than 100 service: GMail, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Blogger, Google Sitemap, and much more.

4 Click throuh Rate (CTR)

Normally, as busy-crowded site and clicks CTR ranges from 0.5% to 10%. Exceeding this limit then your Adsense account will be suspected by Google.

5 Geographical Location

Honestly, the IP address does not mean much for Google. Ever use Google Analytics? This tool is used by webmasters and bloggers to get full information about the visitor (the number of visitors, national origin, length of opening a site, the pages opened, etc.) With this I was able to detect a traffic albeit from a small town though.

6. Variation click or Fraud Click

There are many kinds of tricks such fraudulent clicks clicking Adsense ads on certain sites but not on other sites, ad clicks through proxy, moving a computer and IP address, and so on. Believe me I can detect. If this is done sooner or later, your Adsense account will be banned.

7. Design a site that invites

How do you think the phrase "sponsor," "another links," or "support us" under which existing Adsense ads? Invites visitors to click on ads is against the TOS and at-risk are banned

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