7 Ways to Make a Good Essay

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7 Ways to Make a Good Essay

Good essay is an essay written by a knowledgeable person. So if we want meghasilkan essay is good, we better write an essay based on a field that is under our control so that the results of our essay writing clearly legible direction and meaning.

Here is how to create a good essay:
  1. Determine a theme that will be written
  2. Select the appropriate title to the essay to be written
  3. make a clear outline, the idea that fit the theme, containing basic logical mind, and consistent with the theme and title
  4. Always pay attention to the content of the essay
  5. Use proper grammar and correct according to EYD (Enhanced Spell)
  6. Mastering the themes and subject matter that we will write
  7. Adhere to the outline that we created earlier

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