7 Ways to Make Up Beauty of Korean Artist

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7 Ways to Make Up Beauty of Korean Artist
Beauty Korean woman's skin that looks natural white, making it a distinct advantage for Korean make up artist to be creative. Because, on the basis of clear skin naturally, our creativity will be easily developed and the results make up feels more perfect. There is drama and K-pop (Korean Boyband & girlband), which began to spread around the world on television, making Korean style makeup to be a global trend.

Makeup styles of Korean actresses and young pop groups to influence fashion in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, where the first Korean wave started. Not only that, even the young American and European women were recently also been studying the techniques of make-up Korean style, through various sources, one of which YouTube.

So, what the heck, make up korean style it?

1. To make it look as slick as porcelain, hide your flaws
using the liquid foundation throughout the surface of your face.

2. Add a little glitter to your face, if you want to look more shiny, use a metallic color. And evenly outward broom with a brush.

3. Then concentrate on the eyebrows, thick eyebrows look so straight. Use an eyebrow pencil and pulaskan the natural color of your eyebrows evenly and repeatedly until you get the thickness. Shape with eyebrow comb.

4. Use the white eye shadow to brighten your eyes pulaskan part / half course with direction out, flatten the upper and lower lids.

5. apply black color on the inner lid line up your eyes to a wider impression. use a small brush and a clean brush to flatten. Then, lentikkan (curly) your eyelashes

6. Add blush on bright color on your cheeks. Take ½ and apply the top and towards the top in a circular motion (not too thick)

7. For the final touch, add a natural color lipstick on your lips. Give the impression of gloss sheen with matching color.

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