Are you ready to Switch Profession?

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Are you ready to Switch Profession?
SWITCH profession must be a big step in my career. Before someone takes this decision, of course, many things to be considered.

Fear of missteps usually the most terrible scourge faced by those who are considering to switch professions. Is it true that steps be taken to bring better luck change? Therefore, the question is always asked many times to myself: how ready I switched profession?

To know the answer, answer the questions below may help you to know the extent of your readiness to leave the old profession and move on to the new world of work.

1. Why would you want to switch professions?
  • A few weeks later I was always stressed out, and I could not bear.
  • I no longer fit with the team, and did not fit with the corporate culture.
  • This is my third job in the same field, and I still can not get the position I wanted.

2. How long have you been working in the same field?
  • A few months.
  • Two-three years.
  • Five years.

3. What have you done to prepare for the switch professions?
  • No, but it will not be difficult.
  • I started to think what I want to do and start looking for opportunities.
  • I had already made plans. I spent a lot of time to learn a new industry, and began to set up a lunch meeting with some people in the industry.

4. Is already know what you will do after this?
  • No, I do not have time to think about it, because I was very busy and stressful.
  • I've thought about it, but did not know what a good job than I do now.
  • Yes, I know what I want to do for now, I just do not get the chance.

5. What you want to do to quickly realize over the profession?
  • Spend a few hours a week to find a new job.
  • Met career counselor to discuss the choice of my career.
  • Take the course three days a week to improve the skills needed for a new profession.

Most of the answers A: Have not found the right reasons

It feels heavy through the day is not fun in the office. But be careful, do not act rashly before you actually get a chance to switch jobs. When feeling stressed, it would be easy for someone claiming to want to get out of work. But if you think clearly, find and solve problems encountered, the error may not be present in your work. Maybe you need some time to adjust to the position you are at work right now, and once normal if you feel frustrated by it. But once you find a comfortable place and manner, maybe you'll enjoy it.

Most answers B: Ready to change job, but not over the profession

Looks like you are struggling with the current job undertaken. You want to get out of the environment that is not fun, but do not know where to turn. Before you make the switch professions, consider carefully whether the (job) you want to work. Make a list of what you like and do not like about the current job.

If most things associated with undesirable working environment, it looks like you need a new job, not a new profession. Actually you liked the basic elements of your job right now, but have not found the right place.

Most of the responses C: Are you ready to switch professions

If most of your answers C, chances are you someone who has been in the profession for many years, the company was changing but still in the same job, but still have not found satisfaction in the job.

You also have to take some steps to prepare to switch professions, including knowing what to do next. You realize, switch professions are great, so instead of stepping in a hurry, you do it very carefully. Starting from learning the ins and outs of the new professions like cultivated, increase capacity, and build relationships with people in the field.

One thing, make sure that your new profession is something you really want and you can imagine yourself successful with it in the coming years. Since there is no guarantee you'll be happy with the new profession, prepare everything well would allow you to be happy.

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