As a hobby Observing Solar Storms

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As a hobby Observing Solar Storms

Astronomical science that is arguably unique. Someone with no educational background activity in case the pub to enjoy relating to Astronomy as a hobby.

In Astronomy, as manifested by the Southern sky, there are two designations that professional astronomers who are working in the field of astronomy and amateur astronomers that the people who do astronomy activities because it has the weight of the object-kegemeran bendar space on a daily basis it works outside the field of astronomy.

What can be done about this one hobby?

Of course, reading the literature about astronomy and the study of celestial objects. There are many materials that can be studied astronomy books, astronomy magazines or on the web as web langitselatan.

The second way the visit of experts and place. Go to the planetarium or astronomical observatory nearest to know while participating in observing the night sky. You can also ask a lot of questions to scientists astronomy there.

Then, look for a dark place .. and look at the night sky. Why dark? Remember always prevent urban light we see extraordinary beauty of the night sky studded stars.

This one activity can be done at home or with friends. But to enjoy the beauty of the stars of activities so interesting. We can learn to recognize objects that are visible sky that night.

Guidance could use map "aka" planisphere which can be downloaded here. Or you can also use software like Stellarium on your computer. Or ... for smartphone users can use the existing sky map application. Armed with a map of the sky, learn to recognize constellations, bright stars, and planets become more attractive.

Furthermore if there are events such as meteor shower sky, will be able to enjoy fun with friends. And all can be done only with the eye without tools plus prepare coffee, cakes and snacks to keep you company.

Use binoculars and a telescope to observe the sky from behind the binocular object. This can be done when it's already available telescopes. Nothing wrong with deciding to buy binoculars or a telescope.

A friend confided in childhood often spent time in the evening, the house stands out in the yard to see the sky. It was a memorable time for him, was busy looking at the sky to find certain constellations.

He claimed that excitement when managed to find one that suits constellation scheme astronomy book gift from his father. You already have children with a high curiosity, try to introduce this activity to them.

Join the Astronomy Club. Besides berkegiatan why not do activities with other astronomy lovers in the city. Find astronomy clubs in your town or community and join them. Usually the astronomy club has activities or recognition astronomical observations regularly where you can discuss and share experiences and learn together.

Then it could not hurt to join the Star Party or the public to observe the activities held in the area around you. Star Party at the show you can get acquainted with fellow lovers of astronomy and sailed about sky objects and pictures of objects studied the sky. Star Party is an event for astronomy lovers gathering to observe the night sky.

Creating simple tools. You can also perform the creative process by making simple tools that can be used for astronomical observations and to know astronomy. Like making a telescope, a safe solar observation tools and more. Guidance? Do not worry, the internet provides everything. One of them you can get on the astro craft in langitselatan.

Interested in scientific research? This activity can also be done from home. There are several sites for astronomy citizen science that provides the data to be processed by the public. Such as Galaxy Zoo, CosmoQuest, Moon Mapper, Moon Zoo, Solar Storm Watch, Milky Way and Planet Hunters.

So if those who have a great interest in astronomy but not astronomers, not to worry. There are many opportunities untukmelakukan variety of activities to explore the night sky and get to know this exotic universe.

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