Beware, Strict Diet Can Cause Depression?

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Beware, Strict Diet Can Cause Depression?WHEN you are dieting too tight, the cells in the brain neurochemical changes slowly and lit the onset of depression. This theory is presented Stephanie Fulton of the University of Montreal, Canada.

Fulton doing research on rats for six weeks. Rats were divided into two groups, namely the group of mice that received a low-fat food intake by 11% of the total energy consumed and mice fed high-fat food intake at doses of 58% fat.

The research revealed, rats of the second group experienced a marked increase in body weight by the waist widened to 11% of normal size. But this is not what Fulton rigorous, but the processes that occur in the brain when mice received food intake.

As reported by The Telegraph, the rats of the second group began to respond to foods rich in fat, which is characterized by increased production of dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone produced by the body when receiving stimulation delicious flavors. When fat intake decreased, the rats showed signs of anxiety and fear of open places.

The scientists believe, this experiment proves the existence of the phenomenon of "diet depression," anxiety disorder and depression that often arise in people who change their diets drastically.

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