Biography of Ian Antono | Personnel Band God Bless

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Biography of Ian Antono | Personnel Band God Bless
Ian Antono whose real name is Joseph Antono Djojo (born in Malang, East Java, October 29, 1950, age 62 years) is a musician and songwriter who is also a guitarist of legendary rock group God Bless.

Early career
At first, Ian Antono was a drummer. But after hearing the music of The Shadows he began to become interested in someone guitarist. He was eventually joined the band Eternal, who was named Soesman is taken into account. In 1970 he moved to Athens and joined the band Bentoel the accompanist for singers and Emilia Contesa Trio The King.

Finally in 1974 he officially became a guitarist God Bless and released albums such as Above Huma Hill (1975), Mirrors (1980), Black Ants (1989). Name Ian Antono began to attract attention because at that time in Indonesia atmospheric rock music no one has started. God Bless who first pioneered. Automatically guitarist Ian also became the first rock track flying in Indonesia.

Gong 2000
After the retreat of the God Bless and Gong Ian joined the group in 2000 and released albums like East Bara (1991), Warriors (1994), and the tempest (1996). When the game was with God Bless different Ian Gong he strengthened during 2000. In 2000, he was a lot Gong incorporates elements of Balinese music. This was evidenced at every appearance, at least to include 20 musicians Ian native Balinese. In 1997, Ian returned strengthen God Bless and a duet with Eet Sjahranie which still existed as a guitarist God Bless. The concept of double guitar is enough to attract attention but in the end the album "How Are You?" spawned.

Ian Antono also a prolific figure of a musician. Within a year he was able to work on the album for a couple of singers. Many albums are not out of touch of warmth termasuklah Iwan Fals, Anggun C. Sasmi, Nicky Astria, Doel Contribute, Gito Rollies, Ebiet G Ade, Ikang Fawzi and more. The work of Ian Antono muzik arena has received many awards. Which is BASF Award (1987 - 1988) for Best Arranger and Composer for the album arid (Nicky Astria), HDX Award (1989) for the song Private Investigations (Iwan FALS), BAFS Award (1989) Album East Bara (Gong 2000 ) as the Best Selling Album and the Best Arranger and Composer, HDX Award (1994) for the album Warriors (Gong 2000) as Best Album. Equally important is the appreciation of the Diamond Achievement Award for his dedication and high achievement in the music industry in 1995.

An interesting experience for Ian was when in 1999 he was invited by Ramli Sharif to join the Formula-1 in Malaysia. For Ian this is not a common experience, the article there were present also the collaboration group guitar god world, G3 and the legendary rock group Jethro Tull. By utilizing the sound check session, Ian studied belong to the Steve Vai of polynomial. From there he adds knowledge and insight that he'd never get in Indonesia.

Greatness name and contribution to the world of Indonesian music makes young musicians Indonesia held a project album A Tribute To Ian Antono punctuated with musical artists such as Edane Indonesia, Sheila On 7, Padi, Gigi, Brown, Boomerang, / rif, etc..

Ian Antono in 2007 is often put on the Gibson Les Paul standard and a double neck Gibson SG. For the exercises at home he uses Marshall, but to LIVE and recording in the studio he used a Mesa Boogie. There was no effect of variety he used other than a delay.

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