Body Flex Technique in 5 Minutes

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Body Flex Technique in 5 Minutes
When someone in a long time in a certain position, sometimes the body feels so much stiffer. When a person is working at the office, some people were in a sitting position in a long time. This causes the body feels stiff and heavier. So that no body feels stiff and heavy it is necessary to carry out stretching the body, the following is a method or technique for body flex in a brief arguably, as quoted from page Healt:

1. Stretching the muscles in the legs, hips and arms at the same time
Stretch the legs, hips and hands as well. The way is easy, that is standing with your legs, then bend her arms swinging up and down effectively makes the body feel more flexible.

2. The position of the rear
With the technique of increasing the flexibility of the spine, shoulders open, strengthen the back muscles can stimulate the central nervous system. Lie on your stomach with putting the forehead on the floor, arms in addition, legs straight and your palms up. Simultaneously inhale, the upper body, head, legs and arms lifted from the floor. Then hold and then lower slowly.

3. Bending the body forward
The way the body flexing with the body bent forward technique is very easy, just stretch your hamstrings and back muscles effectively calm the nervous system. By sitting on the floor or on mats while straightening both legs forward, then leaned followed by breathing can help relax some of the muscles stiff and tense.

4. Yoga exercises for stretching
Some movements of yoga exercises can be helpful in relaxing the body. By carrying out some yoga moves in a few minutes unbelievable powerful body make more flexible.

5. Triangle motions
open some muscles in your hamstrings and spinal muscular mampau improve mobility in the shoulder. Simply by standing and stretching stiff and bent followed breathe can make the body feel supple in just a few minutes.

With a stiff flex some muscles not only reduces soreness / discomfort, but to stretch the muscles in several parts of the body capable blood circulation so that the body does not easily feel pega and pains.

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