Clarification In Educational Value Approach

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Clarification In Educational Value Approach
Morals and morality are two combination of terms that can not be separated in the realm of life and education in the world. The former means good teaching and bad generally accepted the deed, attitude and other obligations, moral is also synonymous with morals, manners and decency. "While morality implies anything related to etiquette or manners manners."

Two terms, according to the problem is the main strem and the ultimate goal of the effort was taught the value of education in schools, although it is recognized that the educational value of a part that is never 100% due to teach students a variety of constraints, the educational value is only a small part of the hidden curriculum (hidden curriculum) as stated by Jack R. Frankel: "However, values ​​also are part of the hidden curriculum (however, these values ​​are part of the hidden curriculum} implies, these values ​​only be understood as such merely cognitive understanding that is indoktrinal are false, so do not be surprised if a lot of understanding false or incorrect in understanding the values ​​taught to the students.

Schools as a second link in education, consciously or unconsciously been trying to make some approaches in educational value, such value teaching approaches, cognitive developmental approach, value analysis approach, values ​​clarification approaches and learning approaches do, but unpreparedness and unpreparedness of the nature of the approach mengusai -approach to learning the value of a boomerang and there is a gap between the separate issue and das das sein sollen. "to try this paper discusses the values ​​clarification approach to values ​​education. you can read next article.

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