Diet For Uric Acid

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Diet For Uric Acid
For those of you who tested positive for the disease gout, then it is appropriate for malakukan immediate control of any food that would be eaten. Setting proper diet must be done in an effort gout diet. And become a necessity that can not be negotiable for those who are already there are heaps of high uric acid in your body. 

Diets high uric acid is an obligation and a necessity. If not, then get ready to experience great suffering caused by the attacks of pain in nearly all or the entire body. Of course you do not want that to happen right?. It might even imagine it was not.

As we all know in the preceding discussion, the acid levels normal for women 2.4 to 6 mg / dl, while for men 3 to 7 mg / dl. For those of you who are suffering from gout, there are certainly levels above that. In order uric acid levels can return to normal it is suggested even enjoined to immediately uric acid blood money.

In a diet for gout, the uric acid every patient must know the various kinds of food taboos to be avoided. Especially for high uric acid diet then you should never "touched" that contain high purine foods.

Again, for patients with acute and chronic gout should immediately gout diet restrictions for foods containing high levels of purines. Food consumed should be enough calories (according to the needs of the body), high-carbohydrate, low-fat, high fluid and keep at all foods that contain alcohol.

You can follow a diet for gout, as we will explain below.
  • Normal dietary purines usually 600-1000 mg daily. As for gout sufferers have reduced levels of purines to consumption levels of 100 to 150 mg purine per day
  • It is recommended to consume vegetables that do not contain purines at least 300 grams per day except asparagus, peas, beans, cauliflower, and mushrooms to keep banyam avoided.
  • To increase or accelerate the disposal of uric acid through the urine or the urine, it is advisable to eat foods that contain lots of complex carbohydrates such as rice, cassava, and sweet bread no less than 100 grams per day
  • Should consume vegetable protein (protein plant origin) with a maximum 1gr/kg regulation of body weight per day or approximately 50-70 g / hr
  • Increase drinking water of at least 2.5 liters or 10 glasses a day and eat fruits that contain lots of water.

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