Drug Prevention Efforts

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Drug Prevention Efforts
Drug Prevention Efforts ---Efforts to prevent the spread of drugs among students should be our collective responsibility, in this case all parties, including parents, teachers, and the community must take an active role in a drug alert to threats against our children.

The efforts that we can do is cooperate with the authorities to do counseling about the dangers of drugs, or may hold a surprise raid on a regular basis. The school should also be close monitoring of the movements of their students, as it is usually spread of drug transactions often occur around the school

Then the most important factor is the parents themselves by giving attention and affection, and gave moral and religious education. With the efforts of the above let us keep together young people from the dangers of drugs, thus expectations were spawned generations of intelligent and resilient in the future can be realized with either.

in addition, drug prevention efforts not only from the law in force in each country, but to prevent drug and its use, it is necessary to follow the maximum.

drug prevention can be initiated from themselves by saying "I hate the drugs", but it is also the parents responsibility to supervise their children so as not to make friends with drug users. environment is also important to note, because if we lived in a lot of drug use, then surely we are in hell, so choose a good place to live and not be in a misguided

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