Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack

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Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack
Stroke is a manifestation of the breakdown structure of brain tissue as a result of damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain for various reasons. The cause could be derived from blood vessels in the brain or the blood that flows in it. Treatment of stroke requires the involvement of the family or people around who know the symptoms of stroke, initial symptoms of both mild stroke or severe stroke symptoms. Symptoms of stroke depend on the location of the blockage or rupture of blood.

When stroke strikes, the initial symptoms of stroke is first part of the central nervous system muscle weakness (hemiplegia), stiffness, and decreased sensory function. Parts of the brain stem, where there are 12 cranical nerve damage that causes decreased ability to smell, taste, hear, see, decreased reflexes, impaired facial expression, impaired breathing and heart rate, lemaj tongue, difficulty speaking, memory decline, and confusion.

If signs and symptoms of stroke onset was gone within 24 hours, it is expressed as a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is a mild stroke or early stroke attack.

Then there is the acute phase of the patient during the first days after stroke. In the first week, the possibility of another stroke is huge. It is possible to spread the lame brain tissue, so that the symptoms of stroke to gain weight in the first five days. Within five days to seven days, if the patient is experiencing symptoms get worse, then the condition is often referred to as "the evolution of stroke '(stroke in evolution).

Worsening of symptoms syroke can be seen for example in patients who had normal mouth became twisted limbs of the body becomes weak, or more difficult to speak. Things that will require the attention of a golden time. If the patient is treated immediately, it will not happen. In order not develop stroke symptoms get worse, then the emotions as much as possible the patient should be maintained. In addition, the oxygenation to the brain must be maintained. People who have had a stroke, a stroke risk by 50 percent. Mirisnya again, usually traumatic disability will get worse. Therefore, the part of the brain first affected by the attack have not healed. So to say that a second attack generally heavier. Usually the first attack happened more as a signal that the patient only.

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