Effect of alcohol on uric acid

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Effect of alcohol on uric acid
Previously I have discussed the "Impact of Alcohol Drinking", this time I discuss the symptoms that arise from consuming alcohol. Consuming alcohol, even a little, is proven to lead to a recurrence of pain due to uric acid (gout).

"Not long after consuming alcohol, even less than 24 hours, there was pain from gout. Therefore pengindap gout should avoid alcohol," said the researchers from the Boston University Yuqing Zhang told Reuters on Wednesday"

Gout is an inflammation of the joints, which sometimes recur with pain and swelling in persendian.Meski is no effective treatment, many patients still experience gout pain berulang.Sudah long suspected alcohol to trigger gout attacks, but so far there has been no test to prove it. In a study of 179 patients with gout, Zhang and his fellow researchers found that alcohol consumption even if only slight, could trigger a recurrence of gout.

People who consume five to six different types of alcoholic beverages in the past 48 hours, have the possibility of getting gout attacks doubled compared with those who did not drink. Those who consumed seven or more alcoholic drinks within a period of two days, has the possibility of recurrence of pain goutnya 2.5-fold compared with people who do not drink.

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