"Estella" Powerful Reduce Depression

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"Estella" Powerful Reduce Depression
WHEN you're depressed, remove the guts in your mind and tell the people closest. That suggested to the researchers from the University of Bristol, UK, based on the latest research.

The researchers conducted a survey of 470 people who suffer from various types of depression. The participants were then divided into two groups. The first group cognitive-behavioral therapy as a form of talk therapy and combined with antidepressant drugs. The second group received only conventional treatment with drugs.

The results are quite surprising.

As reported by Genius Beauty, 46% of participants in the first group proved to have healing after six months. As for the second group only 22% indicating positive change. Speech therapist who lived in the first group of volunteers had helped suppress levels of depression. Through this therapy, the volunteers are allowed to issue their guts to the therapist. "Estella" makes the mind feel more relieved, because the mind of not only buried alone.

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