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For My Country IndonesiaSeems to have become the terms of God the Almighty that has been the realization of the shape and color of Indonesian flag. through the hands and a brilliant idea, it has been realized that the color modifications appropriate to describe the real Indonesia.

In essence, the originator of the Indonesian flag with red and white is just an intermediary sure that God has set to initiate a shape and color according to the ideology of Indonesia. however, if you think deeply, there are very significant secrets of the establishment of the Indonesian flag colors.

Red and White are always flying, perpendicular challenging fierce wind, every movement of fabric woven from the sacred hands and clean, giving us a signal to the Indonesian people that the color of the flag of Indonesia which has been known to us is not just a symbol of color, but it This has become the motto filled with burning zeal to always be meaningful bold red white and has always been a meaningful clean and pure.

What do you sedihkan with Indonesia, should we be proud to have been born in Indonesia, although this time Indonesia has not been developed, but I am still proud to Indonesia. freedom to worship is a form of satisfaction that I feel in being a nation of Indonesia, many ethnic and regional variations but still can come together as well be a worth to be proud of.

Indonesia for you, do not be afraid, you are not alone, I'm always behind you, I stood up against the hot weather, willing to sacrifice to keep upright tiangmu, I will always keep you still fly and give the full flavor in every nation the confidence to always proud to be Indonesia.

Indonesiaku you, may you remain victorious, received the grace of God Almighty, because I believe that you have been chosen to be one of the countries that provided prosperity and security, peace-loving and always lived in tolerance.

You Indonesiaku, more prosperous, stronger and bolder and more clean and pure.

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