Gloves With Bluetooth Technology

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Gloves With Bluetooth Technology
Maryland-based Blue Infusion Technologies developed a new glove for the riders by using wireless Bluetooth technology smartphone control.

BEARtek (Bluetooth Enabled Audio Regulation Technology) or gloves that have control on her fingers, enables the operation of functions such as answering phone calls or operate the music player.

Control can be activated with the thumb menenkan to different points on the fingers. Modules can be installed in a different glove in accordance with the preferences of the driver and the owner can buy some gloves without having to buy additional modules.

The company was founded in 2010 by Willie Blount, a technician and also a rider, he was the first to build a prototype using a Bluetooth kit gloves.

"Bikers it's very difficult to operate the phone or music device because they have to focus to handle the motor," said Blount, inventor, founder and served as Chief Executive Officer of Blue Infusion Technologies.

BEARTek provide solutions for the riders with gloves equipped denganÃ?? Â Bluetooth so it can provide comfort and safety when driving. This glove fingers protected with a strong carbon fiber and also control the Bluetooth module is stored in a waterproof bag in the back of the wrist.

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