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Hair Beauty Tip Celebrity-Inspired Pastel Hair

Hair Beauty Tip Celebrity-Inspired Pastel Hair
Although pastel hair trend was first seen on the 2010 runways (see pictures from Fendi and Proenza Schouler’s fashion shows), it is nowadays getting more and more popular with celebrities. From Kelly Osbourne and Kate Bosworth to Lady Gaga and Ashley Olsen, pastel hair streaks are popping up everywhere at the moment.

Want to look like your favourite celebrity? This is a great hair makeover idea taking a cue from spring 2012 fashion trends. However, playful rainbow hair is not easy to achieve. At first, you need to plan exactly what effect you want and how you’re going to achieve it. The first option are tips or highlights dyed semi-permanently in the salon. Unless you’re bleached blonde, your colourist will first pre-lighten the sections they’ll be dyeing to make sure your hair is best prepared for the pastel hair dye. This step guarantees that the tones are vivid.

For an instant effect, clip into your hair some pastel streaks bought via the Internet instead. This time-saving and commitment-free method is not that invasive for your hair as it doesn’t require pre-lightening. It also gives you the opportunity to change your hairstyle without sacrificing professional life. The trend is playful, and very feminine but it will never let you be a nameless face in the crowd. Anyways, it’s just out of hair dress code unless you work in fashion industry or you’re your own boss.

Also, note that the best effect is maintained on blond or light brown hair. That’s why California Gurl singer Katy Perry has recently ditched her trademark wavy black hair in favour of blonde-and-pink bob. Let’s face it, pastel highlights require a subdued background.

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