Health Care

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Health Care
Health is a state of well being of body, soul, and socially to enable more people to live a socially and economically productive. Health maintenance and prevention is the effort handling of health problems that require assessment, treatment and / or care, including pregnancy and childbirth. Health education is the process of helping someone, acting individually or collectively, to make decisions based on knowledge about that affect personal health and others.

Even simpler definition proposed by Larry Green and his colleagues wrote that health education is a combination of learning experiences designed to facilitate voluntary adaptation of behavior conducive to health.

Recent data show that currently more than 80 percent of Indonesia was not able to get health insurance from the agency or company in the field of health care, such as Access, Taspen, and Social Security. Groups of people who are considered 'teranaktirikan' in terms of their health insurance is a small community groups and traders. In health care, this problem becomes more complicated, since the management of health services is not only related to some groups of people, but also the special nature of health care itself

Destination Health In All Aspects

One national goal is to promote the welfare bangssa, which means meeting basic human needs, namely food, clothing, food, education, health, employment and peace of life. [7] The purpose of health development is the achievement of the ability to live a healthy life for every resident, so responsibility for the realization of optimal health in the hands of all the people of Indonesia, the government and the private sector together.

Purpose and Scope of Environmental Health

The purpose and scope of environmental health can be divided into two, in general and in particular. The purpose and scope in general, such as:

• Make corrections or revisions to any danger and threat to the health and well-being of human life.
• Perform preventive efforts by managing environmental resources in an effort to improve the health and well-being of human life.
• Cooperate and implement an integrated program between society and government institutions and non-governmental organization in the face of natural disasters or outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The purpose and scope specifically includes remedial efforts or the control of the human environment, some of which include:

1. Providing enough clean water and health requirements.
2. Food and beverages are produced in large scale and widely consumed by the public.
3. Air pollution caused by the combustion of fuel, coal, forest fires, and toxic gases that are harmful to health and other living beings and cause a change in the ecosystem.
4. Liquid and solid waste from households, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, hospitals, and others.
5. Control of arthropods and rodents are vectors of disease and how to break the chain of transmission of the disease.
6. Housing and building livable and meet health requirements.
7. Noise, radiation, and occupational health.
8. Sanitary survey for planning, monitoring, and evaluation of environmental health programs

Healthcare Development Goals

For the long term development of the health sector aimed at achieving the following key objectives:

1. Increased capacity of communities to help themselves in the field of health.
2. Improvement of environmental quality to ensure health.
3. Improved nutritional status of the community.
4. Reduction in pain (morbidity) and death (mortality).
5. Development of healthy and prosperous families, the increasing acceptance of small family norm happy and prosperous.

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