Health Insurance

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Health Insurance
Health insurance is a type of insurance product that specifically guarantee for health care or the care of the members of such insurance if they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking there are two types of treatments offered by insurance companies, the hospital (in-patient treatment) and outpatient care (out-patient treatment).

Health insurance products held either by the social insurance companies, life insurance companies, and insurance companies are also common.

In Indonesia, PT Askes Indonesia is one company that organizes social insurance health insurance to its members who are civil servants primarily civilian and non-civilian. Their children are also covered up to age 21 years. The retiree and his wife, or husband is also guaranteed for life.

Some insurance companies and life insurance also has been marketing health insurance programs with a variety of different variants. In general, insurance companies health insurance program organized in collaboration with the hospital provider either directly or through an intermediary institution as an assistant hospital network management.

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