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Heaven Fire | Fire Eternal Travel
Pal Heaven Fire is one of the tourist spots in the Earth Angling Dharma, Bojonegoro. In addition to issuing the eternal flame of the largest in Southeast Asia, this resort also issued a flame mixed with water that is often referred to as the 'water blukuthuk'. Geological team from the UK, for example, mentions Heaven Fire is the largest fire source in the world. This resort is located in the Village District Spring Harjo Ngasem located in the middle of the teak forests and is located approximately 15 kilometers south of East Java Bojonegoro. Once inside the gate, looked up the ranks of the pole. In the middle of the pole there is a stone circle. From the circle evaporate heat wave, while the reddish yellow fire dancing wind. Unfortunately, the light of the fire was not too visible in the daytime. When Coming should come at night because the fire can be seen clearly. scary but if the night through the woods because, hehe

According to the history of the local community, Heaven Fire is an MPU petilasan keris at the time of the Majapahit kingdom. The road to heaven in other words from the Fire of Heaven is a place of exile mpu named pseudonym Ki Kusuma Kriya whose original MPU Supagati. He was a mpu famous keris Majapahit era. In this exile Kriya Ki Kusuma do penance while to his profession as an expert keris. In the exile, MPU Supagati managed to make a kris dagger known and named 'Kitchen Tall Luke Blong Telu Pok Gonjo' which is now a heritage district.

In addition there is a source of eternal fire, around the site there is also a blast of water mixed with mud containing sulfur. However, these bursts do not harm people or the area just around the location. "The water is used for washing blukuthuk or soak the keris made Supagati MPU," said Fire Kayangan caretaker, Mr. July. Even by the surrounding community as well as visitors tour the location, the 'water blukutuk' is considered a blessing. Because in addition to treating the disease are also thought to bring luck to those who come to ask for luck. "In addition to asking for the healing of the water blukuthuk, people who come here are also doing penance to meditate near the site of the eternal flame," said Mr. July.

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