How To Avoid The Negative Impact of Social Networking

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How To Avoid The Negative Impact of Social Networking
Social networking is very affecting all facets of human life including teenagers. Those who act as users of social networking sites often use the site to express their drink through a "status". Surely this is having an impact, whether positive or negative.

It would be nice if every teenager felt the positive effects of the use of social networking. For example, the development of computer expertise, a broad network of friends adolescents, providing them easy to share information and data. However, what if teens are making use of the negative impact of the use of social networking, it would be very troubling you as a parent. Given the rampant sexual crimes that occurred recently due to friendship through cyberspace. There are several ways how you as parents to help teens avoid negative effects of social networking use. Let's consider the following.

Lack of communication in the real world

The impact is too often fidgety parents were teenagers when they started to enjoy the virtual world, they lost communications with the real world. Teens get away from the attention of parents so often feel neglected by parents. This impact should be immediately avoided by frequently-asked how often your son or daughter. Ask what their wants, their complaints, make it an interesting communication when gathered together.

1. The rise of Pornography

Pornography became enemy number one on every parent who has a son and a teenage daughter. Especially with teenagers close to the world of social networking such an exchange of information on it gets easier. If you're fretting about it, try to begin to enter the world of your children. Watch what they do when surfing in cyberspace. Give directives anything that should be avoided. Sex education was also needed so that teens know that the effects of pornography is not good for their future.

2. Addiction

Like the consumption of drugs, the use of social networks also pose addiction for its users. Just imagine, your children never left holding the phone, busy with the statuses are not important enough to ignore their responsibilities as students. Well, you may need to do a more intensive approach to your son or daughter knocked them that they have a responsibility as a student. Encourage them to learn together without being connected to the Internet will help them to not addicted to social networking.

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