How to Make Up Eyes

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How to Make Up Eyes
When we talk to other people, our eyes will never escape the attention of the other person. That is why many oang who said that "the eyes can talk about many things." Additionally, the easiest way to know someone is lying or not can also be seen from the eyes. Eyes so that we can better look alive, we can follow some way brought this eye makeup so that we can be more shining eyes.

How to Make Up Eyes

1. Eye shadow

Pengapliaksian right eye shadow is able to maximize the expression of our eyes without highlight aspects that are less attractive. Choose eye shadow in powder form is more durable but can dry faster on our eyelids. We can use this eye shadow in the form of wet or dry, and immediately applied over foundation or can be mixed dengans edikit foundation in the back of your hand before applying it on the eyelids. color eye shadow should dissuaikan with skin color, hair color, and the color of the eye.


We made eye line should be a line of soft confirmation. Due to the thick eye line will give the impression of hard and sharp. Use black eye liner, then daub beautify the eyes with brown eye shadow colors.

3. Correcting OF EYES

Sometimes our eyes are less perfect forms that need to be corrected. To correct the shape of the eye, we can emnggunakan eye mascara or commonly referred to as an eyebrow pencil. The most popular mascara eyes are dark brown, soft black, black and plain.
Before using mascara eyes, our eyelids should be clean, free of oil, and of course dry. Extend your eyelids when using mascara eyes.

4. Using mascara

The use of mascara aims to enhance eyelashes. Eyes will appear "naked" if we do not wear mascara. Avoid using easily clumping mascara because it will damage our eye makeup. Instead, use a mascara with natural finishes, it is not easy to dry so we do not need to split - apart our eyelashes.

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