How to open a blocked facebook account

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How to open a blocked facebook account - facebook account experience when a loved one arrived - arrived at the block or disable the account by the facebook is quite real headache, especially if the account is many things - important things that we store in it. Well the most important thing when it's good if you need to know in advance what that could cause pet facebook account blocked by the facebook.

If this has happened, certainly not panic first attempt to mengembalikannya.Yang There you can access even without a login on Facebook.

Please go here Disabled - Facebook Help Center to apply to have your facebook account free from blockage.

1. Click on Why was my personal Facebook account disabled? the top section.
2. Hereinafter posts will appear containing the notice, then at the bottom there will be posts
"If you believe your account was disabled by mistake, click here."
Then there will be a window like this:

How to open a blocked facebook account

Furthermore, all depends on you, that the information content of the data that you really have to fit
Email: Email Facebook.

Full Name: The name of your account on the Facebook profile.
Date of Birth: Date of Birth

Relevant Additional Information or Questions: Fill this dikolom "Flirt" you so that Facebook would restore your account back. Acknowledge all errors you have violated the rules of facebook and a good reason for the mistake. As well as promising to change if your account can be restored. (Good in english)

Here's one example that you can use as the contents of the message:
'I extremely apologize for not using a real name, Because I fear to get hacked by someone (Because of having a fan page using this profile). Now I will use my real name only.I am running more then 27 000 fan page like, I am also not having any single friend to use personal accounts to advertise or promote. So please enable my account and I will take care of all Facebook Terms sincerely. Please enable my account Because fans are annoying us. Please try to understand our situation. "
But there is still no response, I want to get my profile back, if there is some policy violation then they can give me my fan page only, but there is no response from facebook, after this above message. Please help me to get my profile / page back from facebook.
Thank You
The next step you have to wait a reply from the facebook to your email, it's easy - I hope you had an account on facebook be blocked again.

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