How to use an ATM card

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How to use an ATM card
Take the money via ATM and mentrasnfer - Card ATM (Automated Teller Machine) or (Automatic Teller Machine) is one of the essential facilities for the customers of a bank. With an ATM card customer can easily make transactions important especially if you are a good businessman or entrepreneur online entrepreneur offline. Important transactions through ATM's are:
  • Both inter-bank money transfer or bank different
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Payment of electricity bills as phone taps and other course if the bank in question provide extra services in the ATM.
  • Checking bank balance
  • Shopping at the checkout or payment for certain places such as the mall, the lab at the gas station, etc.
  • Pulse charging mobile phone
Although in general are a lot of people used to use an ATM machine, but every time of course there are always people who are new to the ATM. How do you experience when you first use the ATM? a little tense, asking wondering what to do and will be how, right? at least that was my experience the first time in front of an ATM machine. So to avoid the tension light and error when first using these atm and exciting way to transfer money via ATM.

How to withdraw money via ATM:

1. Insert your ATM card used to place
2. Type in your PIN number correctly
3. Select the language you want to use English or Indonesian Bahsa
4. Then press the button next to the Cash Transactions screen.
5. Then write amount of money that you will take
6. Then press the right button, wait a minute then the amount of money you want will come out.
7. Will appear the words "There is Another Transaction", if there is press the yes, if not then do not press the button.
8. Wait until the transaction records and your atm card out of the machine.

How to transfer money via ATM:

1. Enter your atm card first
2. Type in your PIN number correctly
3. Select a language, English or Indonesia
4. Press the Transfer button on the side of the monitor screen
5. Press the Bank, the same bank or another bank
6. Enter the code destination bank, consisting of 3 numbers if his transfer to another bank. The code can be seen in the article bank Bank Code List
7. Type the destination account number, if it is true then the account owner's name will appear
8. Then write the amount of money you are going to transfer
9. If the data you entered is correct, then press the submit button
10.Maka money within minutes you are logged into the destination account.
Finally do not forget to capture transaction data and your atm card.

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