Indications Symptoms of Stroke

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Indications Symptoms of Stroke
Stroke is now familiar with the people of Indonesia. Unhealthy lifestyles and irregular eating patterns increase the potential of the body affected by stroke. Lack of exercise also clearly affects our health. Public knowledge about stroke is still arguably minimal. The public will be aware if someone is having a stroke when he started paralysis. Though the symptoms of a stroke can be detected early as possible.

For example, if you often feel you tubh suddenly felt weak and was not powered to do anything because the body suddenly felt tired and lethargic. Our strength in lifting weights seemed to just disappear. Or also you often feel dizzy suddenly and balance we are missing so we can also collapse suddenly. Maybe people do not realize that they feel it is a small indication for stroke symptoms. They regard these symptoms mejala stroke is ordinary colds or just exhausted from too busy with various activities.

In fact, it turned out to be a stroke symptom experienced by most people. But they just do not know that it includes symptoms of a stroke or not. In fact most of them tend to be dismissive and ignore it. Though the symptoms of stroke should be detected early on so that they would not get the severe symptoms of stroke are caused to suffer paralysis of the body. The risk of death and disability will also be minimized.

Symptoms of stroke itself, there are two types based on information from dr. Sri Purwanti as a specialist neurologist at Ciledug Asih Hospital, the symptoms of a mild stroke or commonly referred to as subclinical symptoms of stroke and stroke symptoms. Symptoms of mild stroke is an early indication of stroke characterized by blockages in the brain. But the blockage is not going to lead to paralysis. Butter was also a mild stroke symptoms more often experience tingling in the limbs or the left half of the face, impaired vision blurred suddenly, often dizziness to mouth oblique.

Tingling it can happen because we are too old to sit cross-legged and too old to sleep with a crushed hand position. So that blood flow is not smooth because of congestion. Type tingling to watch out for symptoms of a stroke are numbness indication that only occurs in the body bagia right or left alone. Tingling of this type will not be lost even if we have to change the position of our movement.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should be alert and do not assume the symptoms are trivial. Check and consult a physician is highly recommended suggestion. If symptoms of a mild stroke proficiency level is not treated immediately, it will go to a mild stroke symptoms that would cause paralysis.

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