Know The Symptoms Of Diabetes Health Dental

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Know The Symptoms Of Diabetes Health Dental
Diabetes is a disease that many feared, including in Indonesia. Our country is among the countries with high diabetic patients. No wonder we look seriously about what the signs and symptoms that indicate diabetes. Should not be underestimated, it is very important for us to know early if there is a chance we have diabetes or not.

Consider the following quote "When someone has bleeding gums that will not go away, this could be an early sign of diabetes. However, when people with diabetes develop toothache or bleeding gums, he will have pus in the oral cavity due to wounds that are difficult to cure ", as reported by

Many ways and a sign that we can know and see the physical condition of our body. If we dry mouth, it's also one of our possible sign of diabetes. And of course many other factors that we can make the guidelines to find out. Well, on this occasion, we will provide information that is useful to you all. ie about the symptoms of diabetes if we look at the health of our teeth. Curious? Please refer to the following info.

Knowing the symptoms of diabetes from gear:

1. Fungal Infections
Because of the high sugar levels in the saliva, it will encourage mold growth Candidia, which can lead to infection. The disease is commonly referred to as oral thrush. What are the signs? Usually. is characterized by white patches on the oral milk curd. How about you? you try to see ya.

2. Increased tooth decay
Due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth which then interacts with the sugars and starches in the food you eat, there will be a plaque on the teeth. For people with diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels will lead to increased tooth decay is higher. Teeth will tend to experience thinning due to a plaque that is more and more appear in the teeth. Please see your teeth, there are many plaques nesting?

3. Dry mouth
One indication of diabetes the easiest to see is dry mouth. Dry mouth is caused by a lack of fluid in the mouth. Lack of fluid is caused by the drying of mucous membranes. Drying of mucous membrane itself, due to the high sugar levels. Be aware though, that the lack of fluid in the mouth, will cause weak tongue gland function. When the gland tongue weakens, will automatically reduce saliva production. In addition, dry mouth can also cause ulcers, tooth decay and infection. How is the condition of your mouth? you try to see.

4. Gum Disease
If a person's body under normal conditions, it would have the immunity to be able to fight the bacteria that cause gingivitis and decay. Would be different if the person is suffering from diabetes. For a person with diabetes, the immune system / immune to decline by itself, so that this condition will trigger the inflammation of the gums that is difficult to heal and the appearance of decay. What about the condition of your gums?

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