Let's Dare to Take Risks

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Let's Dare to Take Risks!Believe, me, no one who had no problems. In the study of psychology, the issue was "created" for rate increases.

Taking risks to find a solution

"The demand and the need for further study, the demands and the need to socialize, the demands and the need to work, the demands and the need to get married and have a family, is a small portion of the exam that cause problems in an effort to completion," said Anggia Chrisanti Wiranto, counselors and therapists EFT (emotional freedom technique) in psychology bureau Westaria.

Settlement or find a way out, this is the right attitude in the face of problems and any exam. Delay, hide, let alone escape, not a solution at all. Proverb says, failed once, should be willing to try again to 1,000 times. "Do not ever collect and failure of debris that will only hinder us to solve any problem," anjurnya.

The problem is, how many of us are then willing to learn from mistakes and failures, and keep going forward until the completion of the problem and other problems? Not many of us would dare or presume just because of fear of taking risks - the risk of embarrassment, fatigue risk, the risk of loss, and others, especially the risk of failure.

"And more and more people are skeptical to say 'not yet good fortune', 'God is not fair', 'I was a loser'. Or cursed the success of others, by throwing the notion 'because she had cheated', 'clever lick', 'wear bribes', etc., rather than take risks and try again until it works (unresolved issues), "said Anggia.

Take the plunge with "risk management"

Of course, taking risks means risky. "However, because it avoids the risks of inaction, is a very risky decision," she said, adding Anggia, giving up on the state - when the economy is more complicated, more and more people are good at, the cost of living rises, and everything else is compared - not the solution!

"There is no other choice but to take risks, but do it with risk management, resulting in a risk-taking is not 'free fall'," he added.

Grain-grain as follows:
  • Intend everything just to God, with good purpose, namely, to worship or to be more giving, and so forth.
  • Makes the planning easy. Making good planning and mature, it requires knowledge and insight. Multiply learning.
  • Well plan is good. Action is great! Dare to do, realizing what he had planned, is not easy. Our country is in fact no shortage of smart people, but not many are quite smart, tough, and have the courage to take action. In that act, we train ourselves to understand God's guidance, that we are bigger and stronger than all of the problems and the risk itself.
  • Taking into account the risks and dare to risk account can only be done by a true warrior. Not the time to find the reason, let alone a scapegoat.
  • Grateful for all the results obtained. Believe me, it's the best that God has given to us.
  • If plan A does not or has not been successful, remember the alphabet still has 25 more letters. So do not give up, make a plan with better.
  • Thankful for every step. Enjoy each process. All are learning. Whatever the outcome, it's the best.

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