Mental Health

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Mental Health
Mental hygiene refers to the development and application of a set of practical principles are directed to the achievement and maintenance of psychological elements and the prevention of mental disorders or possible timbulanya malajudjusment. Related to mental health (1) how we think, feel the daily life, (2) how we see ourselves and themselves and others, and (3) how do we evaluate the alternatives and make decisions. As with physical health, mental health is very important for every phase of life. includes mental health efforts to cope with stress, relate to others, and make decisions.

Tertentang mental health from good to bad, and everyone will experience it. not a few people, at certain times of experiencing mental health problems during her life span. Mental functions such as thoughts, feelings, attitudes, views and beliefs of life, should be able to help each other and cooperate with each other so that it can be said that the existence of harmony keep people from feeling free and protected from anxiety and inner conflict (conflict).

Hadfield: "maintain efforts of mental health and prevent illness is not probable."

Alexander Schneiders: "a practical art in developing and using the principles relating to mental health and adjustment, as well as the prevention of psychological disorders".

Carl Witherington: "the science of mental health care or a system of principles, methods, and techniques in developing mental health".


1. Avoid the Mentally Ill

Zakiyah Daradjat (1975) a distinction between mental disorders (neurose) with psychiatric illness (psychosis), namely: Neurose still see and feel the difficulty, psychosis not otherwise taxable. Neurose personality is not far from reality and still live in the reality of nature in general. whereas psychosis kepribadiaannya hit from all sides (responses, feelings / emotions, and impulses) are disturbed, no integrity, and he lives far away from the realm of reality.

2. Can adjust

Adjustment (self-adjustment) is a process for obtaining / needs (needs satisfaction), and coping with stress, conflict, frustration, and certain problems with certain ways. A person can be said to have a normal adjustment if he is able to meet the needs and overcome the problem fairly, do not hurt yourself and the environment, as well as the corresponding denagn religious norms.

3. Harnessing the potential maximum

Mentally healthy individual is able to exploit its potential, in activities in a positive and constructive for the development of his qualities. use it as in learning activities (at home, at school or within the community), working, organizing, developing hobbies, and sports.

4. Achieved personal happiness and others

Mentally healthy person displays behavior or response-response to the situation in meeting their needs, provide a positive impact for themselves and or others. He has a principle that does not sacrifice the rights of others for the sake of their own destiny at the expense of others. Any activity aimed at achieving happiness together.

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