Mystery of Two Headed Baby

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bayi kepala dua brasil

A Brazilian woman, Maria de Nazare (25), gave birth to a baby with two heads. The birth took place in a caesarean section at a hospital in Anajas, in the state of Para in northern Brazil. Since the birth approached Christmas, her mother gave her baby's name and Jesus Emanoel.

After giving birth, she admitted she had been told she would give birth to twins. After a number of tests, shortly before the birth, the doctors said that the baby has two brains and two spinal cord, but they have one jatung, lungs, liver and pelvis.

Director of the hospital where Mary gave birth, Claudionor Assis de Vasconcelos, told the Brazilian daily, O Povo, that she decided to come to the hospital because of severe abdominal pain. Maria, who lives in the rural areas of the state, not to test ultra-sound scans during pregnancy and a new baby's abnormalities minutes before the baby was born at 1:00 pm, Monday (19/12/2011) early morning local time.

De Vasconcelos said, "When the doctors did a scan against (Maria), they learned that the baby had two heads and that a normal birth would pose great risk to both mother and baby. Caesarean operation lasted one hour. With all the problems we have as a small hospital, we managed to save the mother and the baby, which was our goal. And for us, was a big surprise to learn that the baby was in a state of excellent health. "

Neila Dahas, director of the Santa Casa Hospital, said, "If both their brains are functioning, how are we going to choose which head to be removed? We will not consider the possibility of surgery. What we have to think about now is keeping kids in shape both and see how they develop. "

Vasconcelos added that the mother, who already had three other children, apparently confused that her son has two heads. He said, "On the contrary, the baby was received with joy by the family. His mother feed two mouths, and the baby was with her in the room all the time. Desire of the mother is to immediately bring the baby home."

Mother and baby were taken by air ambulance on Tuesday afternoon, to a specialist hospital in the country's capital, Belem, to carry out further tests. They are expected to be allowed home later this week.

This case is the second time a two-headed baby born in Brazil this year. Previously, Sueli Ferreira, 27, gave birth to a baby with two heads in the state of Paraiba. However, the baby died a few hours later because one head is a lack of oxygen.

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