Negative Impact of Using Drugs

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Negative Impact of Using Drugs
Negative Impact of Using Drugs--Drug abuse and illicit drugs among young people is increasing, the rampant irregularities youth behavior may endanger the life of this nation in the future, because the youth as a generation that is expected to be the successor of the nation, is increasingly fragile because it eats away at drug substances addictive substances that destroy the nerves so that youth can not think straight, consequently expectation generation and intelligent resilient nation will only stay memorable

The negative impact of drug abuse on children or adolescents (students) are as follows:
Changes in attitude, temperament and personality.
  • Often truant, the decrease discipline and values ​​lessons.
  • Became irritable and quick to anger.
  • Frequent yawning, sleepy, and lazy.
  • No health care for himself.
  • Like stealing to buy drugs.

That's why, for you never had to try and find drugs, because if you try it once, then you have made your life ruined forever. do not try drugs

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