Never Ridicule People

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Never Ridicule PeopleDo not laugh at people who are hurt broken heart, a broken heart can be expedited. Do not laugh at other people solitude, because the damage could come to with you, which alone make you last longer.

Do not laugh at other people poverty, because poverty had you started your soul, and all your poverty will begin after that. Do not scorn the advice, because keburukanmu will dipedihkan that you respect the advice.

Do not say with pride that the dead live in God's hands, because life can be made as dead. Do not neglect your family, because you will be stranded in regret. Do not forget God even if God will not forget you, because you can pass a painful way to finally get back to God.

So ...

Do not keep yourself from goodness. Always guard your heart, mind, and you are close to God and spoiled. Closeness to God who mendekatkanmu to peace, prosperity, and happiness.

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