Orange juice as a remedy polyps

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Orange juice as a remedy polyps
Efficacy "lime" is to eliminate the "polyps". Actually "polyps" without surgery can also be eliminated with the use of traditional remedies.

Take five fruit "lime", squeeze and take the water. Then mix with a piece of ginger that has been blended smooth and dried. Take approximately twenty grains of cloves, also ten betel leaf, lemongrass leaves also six.

Boil water "lime" on the fire, put ginger, then twenty grains of cloves, betel leaf and lemongrass leaves. Allow to boil until the water "lime" is low, Strain and take the juice. Approximately one-fifth to one-quarter or cup. Drink this concoction of water every morning for a month. Undoubtedly "polyps" will disappear.

But keep in mind, this herb should drink water regularly every day, should not be just a few days already bored and quit. Do it regularly to get satisfactory results. Good luck. Hopefully disease "polyps" that you or your family could suffer disappear.

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